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Case Updates

M/s Maa Metakani Rice Industries  and State of Odisha , Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. 

[Abuse of dominant position, Anti-competitive environment, Custom milling services]

M/s Manjeet Plastic Industries and Charanpaaduka Industries Private Limited & Others

[Cartelization, collusion, price parallelism]

Ms. Vijayachitra Kamalesh and RCI India Private Limited

[effects doctrine, territoriality, anti-competitive agreements]

In re: Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) and MakeMyTrip India Pvt. LTD., Ibibo Group Private Limited, Oravel Stays Private Limited (OYO)

[abuse of dominant position, Online Travel Agencies, unilateral abusive conduct]

In re: Ashok Suchde and Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd.

[anti-corruption, appreciable adverse effect on competition]

In re: Sainath Autolinks Pvt. Ltd. and State Bank of India and  State Bank of India Durgapur

[abuse of dominant position, banking sector]

In re: Air Works India (Engineering) Private Limited and GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited, GMR Aero Technic Limited

[abuse of dominant position, essential facility, damage to consumer]

In re: Suresh Chander Gupta and Vatika Limited

[dominance, agreement with consumer, builder-buyer agreement]

In Re: RKG Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. (Informant) And Oravel Stays Pvt Ltd.

[abuse of dominant position, franchising ]

In Re: Indian Chemical Council & General Insurance Corporation of India

[abuse of dominant position]

In Re: Beach Mineral Producers Association & Anr. v. Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) & Ors.

[abuse of dominant position]

In Re: Unilazer Ventures Pvt Ltd v. PVR Ltd. & Ors.

[abuse of dominant position]

In re: Alleged anti-competitive conduct by Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) in implementing discount control policy vis-à-vis dealers

[resale price maintenance, discount control policy]

In Re: SOWiL Limited & Bentley Systems India Pvt Ltd.

[anti-competitive practice, horizontal and vertical agreement, abuse of dominant position]

In Re: Mr. Nadie Jauhri And Jalgaon District Medicine Dealers Association

[anti-competitive agreement, appreciable adverse effect on competition]

In Re: M/s Karni Communication Pvt Ltd & Anr v. Haicheng Vivo Mobile (India) Pvt Ltd. & Ors.

[anti-competitive practice, vertical arrangement, appreciable adverse effect on competition]

In Re: MP Chemists and Distributors Federation (MPCDF) vs. MP Chemists and Druggist Association (MPCDA) & Ors.

[anti-competitive agreement, appreciable adverse effect on competition]

Kanhaiya Singhal v Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. & Ors. (Case No. 11/2019)

[Housing Loan, exorbitant revision of interest rate, abuse of dominance]

Shri Anil Rathi v Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. (Case No. 13/2019)

[General Insurance, Fire Insurance, Abuse of Dominance]

Dejee Singh & ors. v Sana Realtors Pvt. Ltd. (Case No. 06/2019)

[Real Estate, Delay in Possession, Abuse of Dominance]

Sun Electronics Pvt. Ltd. v ElecTek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & Ors. (Case No. 2/2019)

[Collusion, Unfair condition in purchase of service.]

Umar Javed & Ors v Google & Anr. (Case No. 39/2018)


In re: Ravi Pal and All India Sugar Trade Association and Mr. Praful Jagjivandas Vithalani, Chairman, AISTA

[Cartelization, bid-rigging, price sensitive information, pre-determined prices]

In re: Vijay Gopal and Inox Leisure Ltd., Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd.

[Collusion, exclusive supply agreement, exclusive distribution agreement, appreciable adverse effect on competition, tie-in arrangement]

In Re: Mr. Habib Rajmohamad Patel and Chairman/Secretary, Royal Western Turf Club India Ltd. (RWITC) (Case No. 40/2018)

[horse racing, abuse of dominant position]

In Re: Anticompetitive conduct in the Dry-cell Batteries Market in India against Panasonic Corporation, Japan, Panasonic Energy India Co. Limited & Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Co. Limited (Suo Motu Case No. 03/2017)

[suo motu, cartel, vertical agreement, independent competitors]

In Re: Vedanta Bio Sciences, Vadodara and Chemists and Druggists Association of Baroda (Case No. C-87/2009/DGIR)

[pharmaceutical, fixation of trade margin, No Objection Certificate]

In Re: Mr. Chirag S. Shastri, Mr. Shailesh S. Shastri, Ms. Medha C. Shastri, Ms. Anilaben S. Shastri and Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited, Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (Case No. 06/2018)

[abuse of dominance, loan against property]

In Re: Chief Materials Manager/Sales and M/s Laxven Systems, M/s Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd. (Reference Case No.  06/2018)

[tender, cartel]

In Re: Cupid Limited and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Central Medical Services Society (Case No. 45 of 2018)

[abuse of dominant position, condom, exclusive supply agreement, refusal to deal]

Velankani Electronics Private Limited Vs. Intel Corporation (Case No. 16/2018)

[processors for servers, reference design files, abuse of dominance]

Mr. Meet Shah & Other v. Union of India, Ministry of Railways & Other (Case No. 30/2018)

[rounding off, railways, sale of e-tickets, abuse of dominant position]

In Re: NLC India Limited v M/s Phoenix Conveyor Belt India (Case No. 42/2018)

[tender, collusive bidding, related parties]

Kelvion India Private Limited Vs. Apollo Industrial Corporation & others (Case No. 33/2018)

[tender, collusive bidding, approved and unapproved vendors]

Reprographics India Vs. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. (Case No. 41/2018)

[tender, collusive bidding, meeting of the minds]

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Vs. M/s Indus Towers Limited (Case No. 10/2018)

[denial of access, passive infrastructure, abuse of dominant position]

M. Venugopal Reddy Vs. Trans Union CIBIL Limited. & Other (Case No. 36/2018)

[credit scoring agency, usage of fake data, privacy breach, abuse of dominance.]

In Re: M/s K.C. Marketing Vs. OPPO Mobiles MU Private Limited (Case No. 34/2018)

[vertical restraints, AAEC, abuse of dominant position]

Samir Agrawal Vs. ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Ors (Case No. 37/2018)

[hub and spoke cartel, preferential treatment, pricing algorithm, abuse of dominant position]

All India Online Vendors Association v. Flipkart India Private Limited & Ors (Case No. 20/2018) 

[Online marketplace, Preferential treatment, abuse of Dominant position]

Tamil Nadu Consumer Products Distributors Association v. Fangs Technology Private Limited & Other (Case No. 15/2018)

[Distributorship agreement, Resale price mechanism, Abuse of dominant position]

Indian Exhibition Industry Association v. Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ors (Case No. 74/2012)

[Exhibitions / Fair venue Market, Abuse of Dominant Power]

In Re: Bengal Chemist and Druggist Association (Sou moto Case No. 02/2012)

[Association of Enterprise, MRP, No-Discount, Executive member’s liability]

Mr. Ramakant Kini v. Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital (Case no. 39/2012)

[Stem Cell Banking  Market, Tying-in Agreement, Exclusive Agreement]

Reference by Director General (Supplies & Disposals), Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, New Delhi. (Ref. Case No. 01/2012)

[Preponderance of  Probabilities, Bid-Rigging, Collusion, Market Allocation, Rate Contract]

M/s. Arora Medical Hall, Ferozpur v. Chemist and Druggist Association, Ferozpur  (Case No. 60/2012)

[Association of  Enterprise, No objection Certificate, Boycott, Membership]

Suntec energy v. National Dairy Development Board & ors. (Case No. 69 of 2016)

[Technical Specification; Tender Document; Bid Rigging; Collusive Bidding]

Ashutosh Bhardwaj v. DLF Limited (Case No. 01 of 2014 & 93 of 2015)

[abuse of dominant position; real estate]

Sudarshan Kumar Kapur v. Delhi Development Authority (Case No. 78 of 2016)

[abuse of dominant position; residential flats; prima facie case]

Brushless DC Fans: (Suo Motu Case No 03 of 2014)

[bid rigging; leniency petition]

Director, Supplies & Disposals, Haryana v. Shree Cement & Ors. (Ref Case No. 05 of 2013)

[Cartel; bid rigging]

Debabrat Mishra v. Daimler Financial Services India Private Limited and Ors (MANU/CO/0007/2017)

[abuse of dominant position; vertical agreement; anti competitive agreement]

Onicra Credit Agency of India Limited v. Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 6)

[anti-competitive agreement; pre-payment penalty; abuse of dominance]

Saurabh Tripathy v. Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd. (MANU/CO/0013/2017)

[Locus standi; abuse of dominance]

Mr. Ashish Dandona v. Dhanklaxmi Bank Limited (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 18)

[pre-payment charges; abuse of dominance]

Shree Gajanana Motor Transport Company Limited v. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Ors. (MANU/CO/0016/2017)

[abuse of dominance]

Shri Rajat Verma v. Public Works (B&R) Department Government of Haryana and Ors (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 19)

[enterprise; abuse of dominance]

Rajeev Nohwar v. Lodha Group (2017CompLR429(CCI))

[abuse of dominance]

South Gujarat Warp Knitters Association v. Prafful Overseas Private Limited and Ors (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 15)

[cartel; abuse of dominance]

Justickets Pvt. Ltd. v. Big Tree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Ors (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 14)

[anti-competitive agreement; abuse of dominance]

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain v. Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC and Ors (2017 SCC OnLine CCI 16)

[abuse of dominance, consumer dispute]

Biswanath Prasad Singh v. Director General of Health Services (DGHS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ors. (MANU/CO/0027/2017)

[abuse of dominance; anti-competitive agreement]

Prem Prakash v. The Principal Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Public Works Department and Ors (MANU/CO/0025/2017)

[enterprise; abuse of dominance]

Biocon Limited and Anr. v. F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG and others (Case No 68 of 2016)

[abuse of dominant position; patents; biological drugs]

Vidharbha Industries Association v. MSEB Holding Company Ltd. and others (Case No 12 of 2014)

[Abuse of dominant position; power supply; electricity distribution; electricity generation; electricity tariff]

Bharti Airtel Limited v. Reliance Industries Limited & Other (Ref. Case Nos. 03/2017)

[Bid rigging in Public Procurement Process; collusion; single economic entity]

Vinod Kumar Gupta v. Whatsapp Inc.  (Case no. 99 of 2016)

[abuse of dominant position; relevant market]

Kush Kalra v. Reserve Bank of India and Ors. (Case No. 23 of 2017)

[cartel; anti-competitive agreement; bailment; collusion]

Public Works Department v. Harman International (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Ref. Case No. 01 of 2017)

[Anti-Competitive agreement; undue advantage; bidding]

Delhi Jal Board v. Grasim Industries Ltd. & others (Ref. Case Nos. 03 & 04/2013)

[Bid rigging in Public Procurement Process; collusion; single economic entity]

Surinder Singh Barmi v. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (Case No. 61 of 2010)

[abuse of dominant position; relevant market]

In re: Surendra Prasad v. Maharashtra State Power Generation Co (Case No 61 of 2013)

[bid rigging]

In re: v. Google (Case Nos. 07 and 30 of 2012)

[abuse of dominant position; search bias; digital market]

Shri Satyendra Singh v. Ghaziabad Development Authority (Case No. 86 of 2016)

[Jurisdiction; sovereign functions; abuse of dominant position]

In re: Anti-Competitive Practices Prevailing in Banking Sector (Suo-Moto Case No 01/2015)

[cartel; collusion; banks; RBI]

In re: NagrikChetnaManch v. Fortified Security Solutions (Case No 50 of 2015)

[cartelization; bid rigging; collusion; public interest; lesser penalty regulations]

In re: Express Industry Council of India v. Jet Airways (Case No. 30 of 2013)

[cartelization; information exchange;bid rigging; collusion; lesser penalty regulations]

India Glycols Ltd. v. Indian Sugar Mills Association & others (Case No 94 of 2014)

[Abuse of dominant position; collusion; artificial pricing]

Shri Rajat Verma v. Public Works (B&R) Department, Government of Haryana & others (Case No 84 of 2014)

[Abuse of dominant position; bid; public works]

In re: Cartelization in Tender Nos. 21 and 28 of 2013 of Pune Municipal Corporation for Solid Waste Processing (SuoMotu Case No. 03 of 2016); In re: Cartelization in Tender No. 59 of 2014 of Pune Municipal Corporation for Solid Waste Processing (SuoMotu Case No. 04 of 2016)

[cartelization; collusion; lesser penalty regulations]

In Re: Cartelisation by broadcasting service providers by rigging the bids submitted in response to the tenders floated by Sports Broadcasters. (SuoMotu Case No. 02 of 2013)

[Bid rigging in Public Procurement Process; collusion; lesser penalty regulations]

In re: Mr G Krishnamurthy v. Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (Case No 42 of 2017)

[anti-competitive conduct; recidivism; restricting the market]

Vijay Kapoor v. DLF Limited & Other (Case No 84 of 2014)

[Abuse of dominant position; construction of residential units; real estate]

In re: Amit Mittal v. DLF Ltd (Case No 73 of 2014)

[abusive conduct; market dominance; period of assessment]

In re: India Glycols Ltd v. Indian Sugar Mills Association (Case No 21 of 2013)

[Bid rigging; collusion; price fixation]

In re: House of Diagnostics LLP v. EsaoteS.p.a (Case No 09 of 2016)

[Dominant position; abuse of dominant position; monopoly]

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