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Supreme Court

Brahm Dutt v. Union of India

AIR 2005 SC 730

[Separation of Power, Nature of Competition Commission of India, Amendment]

Competition Commission of India v. Steel Authority of India Ltd. 

(2010) 10 SCC 744

[Appeal, Impleadment, Principles of Natural Justice, Reasons for Decision, Interim Order, Necessary Part, Proper Party] 

Girish Chandra Gupts v. U.P. Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. and Ors. 

[Claim for Compensation, MRTP Commission, Section 12B]

AIR 2013 SC 352

Delhi High Court

Union of India v. Competition Commission of India and Ors. 

[Definition of Enterprise, Arbitration Clause]

AIR 2012 Delhi 66

G.K. Granite v. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd. 

[Writ Petition, Maintainability of Appeal, Competition Appellate Tribunal]


South Asian L.P.G. Company Private Ltd. v. Competition Commission of India

[Notice, Hearing, Further Investigation, Audi Alteram Partem] 

2013 Comp. L. R. 691 (Delhi)

Gujarat High Court

Vipul R Shah Rupali Medical and Provision and Ors. v. Director General, Competition Commission of India 

[Jurisdiction, Association, Proceedings against Individual Member, Preliminary Issue]

2012 CompLR 107 (GUJARAT)

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